Why Sell


Mineral and royalty owners have different reasons to consider selling all or a portion of their interests. We work with mineral rights and royalty owners to accommodate their specific needs. United Energy provides a quick, cost-free evaluation of an owner’s mineral rights and royalties and should they decide to sell off all or a portion of these interests, we provide fast and secure closings. 

Split Interest

Instead of counting on a small monthly royalty, selling your mineral rights can provide
you with an upfront large cash payment to use to address immediate needs. Whether it is work needed on your vehicle or your home, school supplies and
other necessities for your children, or extra money to make a birthday or Christmas special for the ones you love, selling mineral rights and royalties can help you achieve these short term money goals. 

As minerals and royalties are inherited from older generations they become increasingly and exponentially divided. This brings less monetary benefit to the generation receiving the smaller interest and also increases the time and money required to administer the smaller portion of interest.

The sale of royalties will eliminate the necessary maintenance of depletion schedules, division order files and property tax records. In addition, it will simplify your federal income tax return.

What will oil and gas prices be in the future 


If you compare current prices with the prices that were forecasted by economists and major oil companies over the past 25 years, one thing is certain: they were always wrong! You’ll hear one expert say that oil inventories are high and that prices are going down, and then another expert will say just the opposite. Oil and gas prices are determined by a variety of factors that are out of your control and can move up and down rapidly without notice.

Why do my oil and gas royalty checks vary?


Oil and gas production and oil and gas prices will vary from month to month. Variations in volumes produced and prices paid will cause fluctuations in your monthly checks. Oil and gas is a depleting resource, over time all wells will experience a decline in the amount of oil and gas produced. There is only so much oil and gas that is recoverable by a well and they do not last forever. Every month there is less oil and gas remaining to produce, which leads to a steady reduction in production and a corresponding decrease in the amount of your monthly check.

How Long is the closing process  


Once agreement is reached and all necessary paperwork is signed and title is verified, payment will be issued in a timely manner. Our typical acquisition is funded in five to twenty five days.
United Energy has spent years building relationships with operators, brokers and other land companies in the industry. We research title, acquire leases, due diligence and title curative. Let us help you in this large and complex industry. 


Selling mineral rights and royalties can provide a quick and hassle free way to pay off debt. Whether it is high interest credit card debt, mortgages, or bank loans, selling mineral rights and royalties can provide you with a lump sum payment to use to pay down or pay off burdening debt.

Paperwork Simplification

How much royalty should I expect from my oil well?

It is hard to know exactly how much money you should expect to receive as it is based on a number of factors: production rate, gas and oil contracts, oil and gas price, and other various factors. All oil and gas wells will decline as well, they will typically have their largest amount of production in the first couple of months. After the first couple of months your royalty checks will typically decline (unless the oil and gas company is drilling additional wells).
​Royalties are depleting natural resources and not appreciating financial assets. The production from Oil and Gas reservoirs does not last forever. It is also facing increased competition from Alternative Energy sources such as; ethanol, solar, bio-fuels, etc. Also, there is increased political pressure to increase the amount of taxes owed on oil and gas income, windfall profit taxes and proposed carbon taxes are two examples.
Future Uncertainty

Debt Repayment