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CAT 3306 Compressor Ariel Package

Inventory Amount - 1

Price $125,000


CAT 3304 Compressor Platform package

Inventory Amount - 1


United Energy is a privately owned company located in Edmond Oklahoma. It was founded by Christopher Easley who has been acquiring Oil & Gas assets across the country for over 15 years. With a primary target in Grady County Oklahoma, United Energy has acquired  over 30 Million Dollars in Mineral Rights, Leasehold Rights and Working Interests located in the Stack, Scoop and Mississippian play.

United Energy Operating owns and operates 18 wells located in various areas of Oklahoma and Texas. We own patented technology and equipment used to increase production on existing wells and extend the life of the well by decades.

United Real Estate is one of our subsidiary companies that owns and develops both residential and commercial properties in Oklahoma. Find out more information about our real estate activity by visiting or by clicking the the link below.